Manifesting His Glory

It’s an interesting sentence isn’t it? This, the first of his signs, Jesus did at Cana in Galilee, and manifested his glory. John 2 11. No one was saved, healed, delivered of a demon, set free from a painful past, no sermon preached or worship set. Just Jesus celebrating life with a community and taking pots of water and turning it into the best wine. Yet John says it’s a sign of the manifestation of glory. Perhaps a suggestion that it is a foundational one because it’s the first.
About twenty years ago i remember being in a conference where some one sung in the Spirit and the interpretation stayed with me.
‘clothe me in your glory hide me in the truth, let me feel your breathe as you pass by, take me even deeper further into you for if I don’t move on I’ll surely die, your word is a light that leads your Spirit lights a fire in me, in your Presence I delight to be. You take away my guilt and shame as I call upon your name, your nearness is the air I breathe. Emmanuel’
I resonated with the heart of it, wanted to know God’s glory so much more than words on a page as information but the reality of it in my life bursting out tangibly. I sang it repeatedly in my prayer time, till maybe 4 years ago it was all i ever prayed. Desperate to see God in my circumstance. Then He came, as I drew near He did and I understood and saw God like never before. The glory presented Himself, the full weight of who He was, is, manifesting.
Isn’t that glory? the awareness of a relationship with Jesus where He is present and active, where we share in His resurrected Life now? Where His love drives out all fear of anything past or present or future and we receive the Life and Light of who He is? I posted on Facebook in early December about Jesus being the Light of the world. The divine spark within us awakening to the the wonder of the Divine fire above. That our relationship isn’t first mediation, prayer or acts of kindness but rather a light within us. When we lift our eyes to the heavens we let in a little more light into our darkness as we be holding the light of the world: Jesus. Now when I log on to Facebook  everyday that post comes up first. i can’t delete it or avoid it. Technology forcing me to read it again and again and let the truth of it sink in even a little more. a gentle and persistent reminder to keep doing it.  As the month has gone on i realise that this is where God would have me. Just looking at the divine life each moment and letting in the light; the glory of His presence illuminating each moment of an ordinary day.Emmanuel- God with us. Then the natural become super natural. the ordinary extra ordinary as I’m more conscious of His presence in the moments that make up my life.
Is this the sign that John recounts in John 2? The miracle of turning an ordinary commodity of water into the best wine? Is this the foundation that Jesus wants to build everything else on that we take every day events and let Him transform it into the best?
The 6 water pots they used that day to fill to the brim with water were typically used for purification rights. A supply of water to wash hands and feet to make them presentable and transformed. Jesus chooses this sign to manifest His glory. To use this vessel and the water it can contain into wine. As we drink that cup we remember and partake in the life of Jesus, His shed blood carrying all the potential and promise of a covenant love that can never be broken. Communion and oneness with Him that transforms us. We can present our hands and feet now.  We can present our bodies and all our ordinariness and weakness.  We can be so aware of our communion with God that this humble vessel can be filled to the brim with living water He supplies anyway  to be manifest as wine as we draw it out. We can drink the wine:The life within poured out to be enjoyed.  
So at this next turning of a page to a new chapter into a new day, month and year this is my prayer again. Clothe me in your Glory. Give me a little more grace to present my hands and feet to you afresh so that you can transform all the humanity i have into your best wine that flows from communion with you. Let all my moments that happen in this jar of clay be filled with living water that I have added nothing to but simply and humble presented to you to  transform in your Presence. Let the full weight and value of who your are, Jesus, by drawn out and manifest in my midst. Give me eyes to be hold who you are so I can see your glory in my midst and celebrate. Let your Life, Light and Glory shine out.




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