Dream to Reality

So who watched the football over the weekend? Leicester 5000-1 outsides now premier league champions- a dream now a reality. Being more of a rugby girl myself I asked my husband what changed for the team. Was it a big investor? Overseas players bought at huge cost? His reply,’the manager kept it simple, brought very little change to the 23 man squad. They played their own game and kept going with the momentum they had. Last season they fought hard not to be relegated and the believe that they could win each game. They stuck with home ground talent and some of them like Vardy suddenly shone’
I find it amazing that a game of football can impact so much. The football team’s breakthrough moment has affected more than the club. I’m not exaggerating when I say the community has been changed. There are quotes from people saying
  •  it’s like a party every weekend.
  • It’s united the city
  • makes people like us want to achieve even more. It just shows that anyone can do it
  • the leader of Leicester council says that the team has put Leicester on the map. more people visit now having an impact on tourism, policing, the towns economy and they need to keep abreast of the changes and respond.
  • some die hard loyal fans who placed outside bet of £1 or £2 at the start of the season are now set to cash in on thousands.
  • a chocolate shop by the ground has had to increase production due to increased sales and business is booming.
  • a young university girl who sold burgers from a van for a Saturday job has now been promoted to catering manager for further outlets that feed the fans.
A seemingly hidden team who have been working hard, who were written off after facing discouragement of relegation last season harnessed the skills and determination they already had and had a breakthrough. The dream manifest. This in turn changes the community releasing joy, increased hope, a new unity, jobs finances and a better economy. 132 years waiting, 5000-1 outsiders. but it’s now real and tangible.
Back in September I wrote a blog about being repositioned for a release in a new season-that breakthrough was coming. https://unionandwhisper.wordpress.com/2015/09/29/repositioned-for-a-release-in-a-new-season/ I was thinking about David, the shepherd boy apparently  ill equipped  and discouraged by his brothers as a no body became a giant killer and the future of Israel changed. Joseph who as a criminal in prison got repositioned in the palace and changes the future of Egypt as a result during the famine.  long held promise from God that came to a reality. The point  was we need to keep going with what God has been saying to us because at any moment what is hidden will come to the forefront, the repositioning brings  release of your promise and the purposes of God to change a community.
If it can happen in the world, through a game of football how much more can and is it happening in God! Look around you, at your churches and the people you know. isn’t there examples of people who have faced some difficulties yet remained faithful. People you have such trust in God and are ‘seeking first the kingdom of God’ in everything they do? Seemingly hidden. And yet God is bringing different people and connections together to create a re positioning. It’s to release that ‘hidden’ promise. It’s the now moment of realisation. and the promise isn’t just for the individual to be blessed. This breakthrough is to change the communities we live in. God’s purpose will change relationships, expectations, jobs, finances. The establishing of His purposes will bring fresh hope to our communities one by one.Transformation.There are people who have been overlooked as insignificant to the bigger picture who hold the keys to the breakthrough because of the Life they carry. They are people who are going to declare what God says and intends to do in the dead end hopeless situation. They are resurrection vessels to bring the life of God to our communities.
Allow God to reposition you -hold on to your promise- keep your eyes on Him, who He is and what He is doing.
It is time for us to deeply trust Him and His word, to act upon it in despite how things look like in the natural.  It’s time to keep doing the same in faith that sees many of us that have been seemingly hidden away suddenly brought into a situation where the same gift comes into a new season of release and breakthrough so He gets released. It’s a season to see God manifest and show through our simple faithful acts that He is who He says He is. Breakthrough is here- the promise is about to manifest.
This is the second of three recent blog of what God has been speaking to be about.
The full potential of Life already exists because of what Jesus did ‘I AM the resurrection and the Life 
The fullness of the promise is breaking through and our dreams are about to become a reality
How? By fully experiencing the Presence of Jesus in our common Union


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