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 Expose. It’s a word that suggests something has been revealed that really wanted to remain hidden. Like a secret or a bad habit. On the other hand it can mean you have now had a new experience because you have been exposed to something or Someone.  I just love how God can take one perspective and completely transform and redeem to another


I have a dear friend coming to stay today as she convalesces after surgery and it’s going to be a joy.  A few months ago she fell coming down her stairs and had to have her hip replaced. During the care she received  for that, other issues were detected and revealed the cancer. One difficult situation thankfully exposed another silent one that may well have otherwise remained hidden for too long. The joy comes, not through the challenge of illness but that it’s exposing Jesus. Like all of us her family and friends are a mix of believers and seekers so the way she speaks has had a profound impact on people. There is no fear or anger but a peace that comes from knowing that Jesus is present. She’s expressed that naturally and openly and shared the Life she is receiving.


 Yesterday I was supposed to be making the room look nice – except I got distracted by a journal that was on the side and started reading. Smile  It had lots of notes on David and Goliath and it was relevant to me today but also to the challenges we have in facing the giants of terrorism and change that the news is so prevalent in reporting.  Goliath means uncovered, expose or reveal. So recent events are…


  • exposing the giant.

 Goliath had been intimidating the Israelites for 40 days and He had exposed himself to be aggressive and destructive.  The last few weeks in our news we’ve read about attacks in nightclubs, (US) hospital (Germany), community festivals (Nice), fast food restaurants ( Germany), a disabled care centre (Japan) and now a church (Rouen). It has brought the terror and fear away from warzones and into everyday ordinary life very close to home.  We may not live in those countries but we identify with the communities who are going through it: these are places we visit in our own countries.  I’ve read on Facebook so many status’ saying ‘what is happening in the world?’  These reports  give witness to how the ruler of this earthly kingdom is manifesting all too regularly.  Evil and terrorism is exposing itself openly.  Other giants are present in job situations, relationships, illness or finances. It exposes fear, hatred and division but also by exposure,  they over play their hand as it brings it to light and therefore something can be done.  The giant though is also……


  • exposing our hearts

Our reactions to the giant reveals what is in our hearts.  For some in today’s world it exposes fear of other cultures or the unknown. It can expose our doubt in our leaders or solutions. In ourselves.  For believers it exposes a trust in a faithful Father. Scripture says that out of the abundance of the heart speaks the mouth.  So when some giant is shouting defeat at me what will my heart say back?  I’m  reminded of when Moses’ 12 soldiers went into spy out the land of Canaan. On their return 10 say it’s a good place but they can’t take the land because of the giants. One of them reports, ‘And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.’  The giant exposed that they looked at their own strength and it was insignificant and small. Having eyes on themselves and not on the promise and character of God made them believe they were as small as a grasshopper. The Israelites did the same in the face of Goliath and sat immobilised by the fear. However, when the young shepherd boy David arrives his hearts had plenty to say about who God was in the situation.   David’s eyes were on how big God is.  The giant exposed that David’s heart had transformed fear  into faith and doubt into confidence.  His eyes weren’t on himself but on the might and ability of God. His heart knew it and his mouth spoke it. How about our mouths – what have the circumstances shown is in our hearts? Jesus’ words are Spirit and Life and we need to be using them.

The giant is also……..


  • exposing weakness and strength

I don’t mean the giants strength and our weakness but the completely opposite.  Giants are often disadvantaged if we’d only see them for what they are. Look at Goliath:

  • He wasn’t very observant. He talks about David coming at him with sticks but no mention of the sling. Giants have limited sight where as David’ focus was very clearly on God and who He is.

  • He was arrogant. He didn’t even draw his own sword in the fight.  In contrast David ran confidently, humbly carrying the stones fully aware perhaps that God wins not by might not by power but by the Spirit

  • He was rigid in his approach. He only knew one way to fight and that was with fearful speech and violence. David was flexible realising he could not wear Saul’s armour or wield his sword. He used the skills God had given him thus far.

Do we identify with feeling strong in our weakness? We can rest confidently that God is holding and sustaining us through whatever the situation is.  We are on the strongest side. We trust wholeheartedly that God’s promises and presence is true because of His faithful character. So whatever the situation we must be faithful in……


  • exposing God

The giant is revealing our heart but it’s also revealing God’s heart to pour out His goodness. Joshua and Caleb speak to the other spies and say, ‘neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us’ (Numbers 14 v 9)  They understood that the giant situation they faced was going to make a way and reveal an experience of God that would sustain them. There would be living Bread that nourishes them in the midst of the land: the Living God who is active and present and more powerful than anything we face. Whether our giant is a personal one, a community one or a global one, we can expose God.  This was what Jesus did after all. He told His disciples, Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.’ (John 14 v 9)  and it’s what He wanted for us.


It is the most precious prayer Jesus uttered the night before He died, ‘ I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one-as you are in me, Father, and I am in you’ (John 17 v 21) 


Jesus is not just with us through this life -He is IN us. We are one with Him and the Father -an extraordinary source of communion.  For such a long time I have tried to be like Jesus or imitate His character and got very tired working at that. I am now conscious that I can rest in Him because He is in me. Jesus gave Himself, so I could receive Him so He can be Himself in me. I need to  get out the way long enough to let Jesus do that. The Jesus that reveals love and grace.  Jesus Himself exposing His forgiveness and grace. Jesus revealing kindness and truth through me.   The woman at the well was in everyday life yet she encountered Christ and He revealed the I AM to her.  It wasn’t the well that was important – it was the Man at the well. He creates living water inside us, connected to the source of supply that springs up into Life.  


We become a well where people can met Jesus too as our flesh is housing Him. We are called to expose God in our being. Joey Le Tourneau puts it this way  ‘Wherever you go, not by title or position, but by presence, faith, hope and love may each person who encounters you say, “Because I have seen you I have seen The Father.”


I truly believe there is only one reality, that which resonates with Heaven, is in harmony with Jesus and in one accord with each other. This union is the reality that will expose God amongst us and defeats the fear and ruler of this world to establish God’s kingdom. Our world is crying out for the answer and we have Christ in us, the hope of Glory who we can uncover and release to speak Life, love and peace into the people we meet. Let’s get busy revealing and releasing Jesus in our homes and towns by worshiping Him; declaring His truths; speaking His words in every situations; by trusting and resting in His goodness

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