Sitting with Jesus at the well

Wasn’t August great?  It’s been a different routine with the school holidays and I’ve so enjoyed extra time with our youngest daughter. I’ve been so blessed watching God at work in different ways too. What I’ve noticed more and more is that what God’s been showing me in my times alone with Him are overflowing and working out in everyday life. Just the way it’s supposed to be I hear you say! Here’s one story that happened this weekend.
Our church wanted to make the most of August and we spend our time together looking very practically on sharing Jesus in everyday life.  My ‘slot’ was to share some new opportunities to intentionally be involved in our community.  I arrived at our new venue for a young couple to take me out into the courtyard. There is a pond and the reeds had been cut back to reveal a water feature and it had been turned on.  There stood a woman with a fountain of water flowing out of a pot close to her stomach- another pot discarded by her feet.
john 4.jpg
So I knew I was on track as I was sharing from John 4.
“In that case, “ they encouraged me, “take everyone outside and sit by the well whilst you share!”  I so should have but God worked it out in another way.
That day I shared
  • how Jesus goes out of His way to be in certain places. He didn’t need to go through Samaria, most Jews avoided it, but He did. It is so easy for us to just mix with people like ourselves or who are acceptable to us. We need to go out of our way to make opportunities.
  • He was weary with His journey, so understands how sometimes we feel it is an effort to be intentional. It’s easier for us to want refreshment ourselves rather than give it to others. It’s important to be vulnerable though and share that  we have the same challenges as everyone but we do know where to go to get refreshment that lasts.
  • Jesus was thirsty- but more than His physical thirst His need was to fulfil the Father’s purposes. Jesus has a need to give Himself away to others.
  • the well was a regular meeting place for connections and community – the woman would have gone for water for washing, cooking, and watering animals but would have talked and shared their lives at the same time.  Those kind of wells happen in our culture now. They look like family homes,  our garden fence talking to the neighbour, work places, sports clubs, schools, pubs, coffee shops or churches.
  • This woman went in the heat off the day by herself. She was in a community yet isolated and not accepted. Although in our communities frameworks are in place to connect people many are alone, unseen and going through life not really living.
  • The conversation Jesus and the woman have is just beautiful. She talks in the natural and He responds with the spiritual. We all have ‘normal’ conversations with people in our everyday life but it is easy just to speak very naturally the words that come from God. Just look at how Jesus did it!
But the difference in all of this is Jesus saying, ‘if you knew the gift of God..’  Do we really know the gift we have from Him? Being in relationship with Jesus means we have the very Source of who He is living in us. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us. The Father has made us participants in His Divine power giving us everything we need for life and godliness. My body is part of His body -it is a temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell. We need to recognise the huge gift that we carry and recognise that we are taking Jesus to the wells we are part of. We need to be active in taking Jesus to wells and waiting there so others can encounter Him.
What was different about this well was the man at the well.  She’d been to the well many times but this time Jesus was there offering living water: a river of it springing up. When we go about our daily routine we will be at wells all day, and as carriers of His presence we are taking Jesus to those wells. We can be intentional and bold enough to let Him show out. The natural conversations that we have can become extraordinary as the Spirit works.
This Sunday  I walked around the ‘well’ in our venue. I saw the benches by the pond and listened to the water flowing. I asked Jesus that we would experience His presence refreshing us; that we would sit with the man at the well and let Him change us as we encounter the I Am.
We had a few new folk visiting for the first time and about half way through one of them stepped out into the courtyard. Two of us followed her out and sat by the fountain. #Cheryl (not her real name but it means beloved!) was very low and finding the meeting difficult. She didn’t say much as she lit one cigarette after another but it was obvious she was very low. It was her birthday and no one had visited. Each sentence she shared I could hear the woman at the well from John 4 more and more. A lady in a community yet isolated. God prompted me to mention how nice her shoes were. Bought the day before apparently but later she shared how she never knows what to wear as she doesn’t look good in anything. Her self esteem and worth was rock bottom. So there we were at the well and Jesus wanted to speak to her. We talked about the John 4 story and how Jesus knows exactly how we feel when we are weary,lonely and cut off from others. Jesus wanted her to know that she was accepted, just as she was, loved and known. He wanted Cheryl to know that despite everywhere she goes looking for answers or refreshment He will be the only one that will satisfy the need in her. There is a gift waiting for her to open on her birthday- a gift only God can give.
All the time the fountain was flowing. all the time  Jesus trying to break down barriers so eyes could be opened to choose Life and a fresh path. We were able to pray, bless Cheryl for the year ahead.
We trust God that the living water will do it’s work with in her, that this will be another step on the road to a complete turnaround of her circumstance and that Jesus will bring transformation.
What a lovely picture it is. God gives us an insight to His heart when we read the scripture but He wants to make it real. He is still busy incarnating the truth of it. This weekend we were able to let Jesus speak to a woman sat at the well and let Life flow. Literally re create it! But what He is really after is the transforming affect His Life has on each individual so the truths of who He is permeates every part of our lives and community.
 Keep taking Jesus to your wells- keep letting Him reveal Himself to speak to other so that living water can do it’s work.
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4 Responses to Sitting with Jesus at the well

  1. PJB says:

    Love it! #wavelength 😊

  2. Thank you for sharing and also serving the Lord! This was very timely for me and I hope blesses others. I also hope that “Cheryl” is doing okay and will pray for her.

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