Fixing 2017

I hear lots of people saying they are glad to see the back of 2016 and so 2017 is here and with it my inbox and Facebook page flooded with good wishes for the new year, full of hopes, resolutions, anticipation and plans. Yet my year ahead look a bit like this.



A blank page. Sure, I have plenty of things I need to pin down and arrange.  Lots of potential projects and meetings to firm up and people to see.  Yet , like many I ponder for a moment what I see for the year ahead. What do I need to do? What do I want to achieve? Then before I know it my focus is on the challenges that present of how to do it and when.  I’ve moved full throttle into ‘fix it’ mode.  Do is such a small word yet loaded with the clutter of distracting activity


I’m relieved to catch myself wandering quickly and peace floods over me as I hear God whisper, ‘Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of your faith.’ That’s exactly the simplicity that needs to fill up the pages of 2017. I don’t need to fix anything other than my eyes on Jesus and our relationship.


  Jesus told us, ‘For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. The eye is the lamp of the body. If your vision is clear,your whole body will be full of light. Matt 6 21 –22.  Where we fix our gaze and focus on will reflect what’s important to us. We get caught up doing and fixing life in our own strength and our treasure isn’t Jesus. He’s not the author then, we are.  As the new year begins we can start to reset the house again, tidying away all the clutter of decorations and finding homes for all the gifts and things we’re acquired. We can reflect on all the baggage that’s come from 2016 that still needs to be fixed or resolved and plan for 2017 with our hopes of a fresh start. We begin to reflect different treasures then in our doing and activity.  New year’s day seems to have that stamped in our thinking, faith or not, with so many of us trying to press the rest button: a fresh start to get back on track.; set new goals and resolutions to fix what we perceive needs doing. Perhaps the fixing is driven by:-

  • culture – everyone’s doing it this way so I’ll join in

  • tradition -we’ve always done it this way so I’ll just keep going

  • emotions – well this feels right so I will

  • reason – it seems like a good plan so I’ll go that route


 But we don’t want the same old same old do we? We’ve not been this way before- this time stretched out before us is new and none of that allows Jesus to be the Author. You see author speaks to me of someone who creates something, the instigator. It begins with Him.  The Greek word is archegos  meaning founder of,  the cause, beginning or  basis of all the rest.   All of what lies ahead is securely held by the One who holds it all together. That’s why we’re encouraged to fix our eyes on Him then all of our life lights up with His life. Maybe encourage isn’t imperative enough, but fix is. When I looked up the word fix it means:-

  • to fasten something in position  attach, secure, connect, anchor, establish or position

  • to keep something or some one in sight to direct ones eyes mind and attention steadily and unwaveringly towards.  Focus, gaze, zero in on, be captivate by, absorbed

  • to continue to think about or remember. Keep constantly in mind.

  • to decide or settle on  


 That’s the fix for 2017: Fixing our eyes on Jesus like that and allowing Jesus to write the story He wants to tell as the author.  As I reviewed 2016 I asked God want I had achieved and what were the highlights but He had a question for me instead. ‘What have I become to you and in you?’  This blog is more of a journal of my walk of faith and as I look at it for  the last year I started by writing (click on the links if you’re interested) about journeying with light then moved on to and yet  as God encouraged me to re frame my perspectives to allow more of His story, not mine, to be seen.  I spent several months thinking about practicing resurrection life as my understanding grew of what that common-union meant.  He’s encouraged me to be wholehearted and focus on who He is, not on what I’m not so that my life gets poured out and becomes one that is exposing God.   Hope’s home is always Christ in me the hope of glory and He can manifests in my life.  Yet Jesus wanted to go a little further as the year progressed from God with us to Christ in us to Christ is all. 


So 2017 starts with all the goodness He has already revealed and building further on that. Christ is all and I choose to fix my eyes on Him  I want my heart to reveal the treasure that is Jesus so that the blank pages of my 2017 book gets JESUS written on it in big bold letters on every page.

So be blessed in 2017. Know it doesn’t need to be fixed by resolutions, plans or by all our ‘doing’ but simply and deliberately fixing our eyes on who He is and what He has become to us and in us. Jesus is more than enough. He’s the start middle and end!

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2 Responses to Fixing 2017

  1. Amen. Good reminder. I look at the new year as an adventure not knowing what God will bring with each day as he uses each to conform me to the image of his Son, Jesus. Happy New Year to you!

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