I’ve not got a Twitter account, (140 characters just doesn’t give me the scope of saying what I want!) but I did come across a trend recently that caught my attention. It’s people answering the question, has your Dad ever cried in front of you? People post funny or silly recounts, others more emotional or poignant stories. The one that went viral was from a young man called Hans. Having no memory of his Dad crying he asked him. “Once” was the reply.

As a 3 year old his Father had placed a dollar, a pen and a toy in front of him. A playful game to see which one the child would go for as an indication of what motivated him. Was money his passion? Or the pursuit of information and study? Perhaps just a fun carefree life was his thing. The boy sat there for a while before pushing all the items to one side and running into the arms of his Dad. The Father cried out of joy but also because he didn’t realise he was a choice.

I think that little game told both of them relationship was key to everything. It struck me how the eyes of this little boy was already thinking outside the ‘box’ of limitations and saw something much more significant than things. And my question was, What’s my passion? Well, God but really what DO I see from that relationship?

Is it the ‘money’ symbolising all His wonderful provision? Do we see Him as someone we pray too and He gives us all the things we ask for? Is He the ‘pen’ where we pursue all the theology and knowledge of him? More insight and information? Maybe we see a toy that we can invite Him in to play with us for a while at our convenience then giving us an easy time form all of this world’s challenges and issues?

None of that is wrong in one sense. He tells us to ask anything in His name. Salvation is a massive, gracious provision for something we cannot obtain by ourselves. Studying scripture and learning about how God works and His truth is so important. Equally taking hold of the truths of His word is fundamental to overcoming this world and letting His kingdom come to receive blessings. But…

What do I see? and I hear Jesus’ invitation to ‘come and see’ (John 1 v 39) That’s not a see in the sense of ‘oh I see now – I understand!’ I can search the scripture yet still refuse to come to Jesus. I see pictures of places around the world but still want to go see them for myself. I want to ‘see’ them which means I want to experience them myself. Participate.

Jesus is inviting us to come and see to participate in the relationship He has with the Father. ‘If you have seen me you have seen the Father…’ I will not leave you as orphans’ (John 14) We receive the Spirit of Sonship that cries Abba Father (Romans 8)

After all isn’t this how Jesus lived His earthly life by bringing a synchronising of Heaven and Earth?

  • He only did what he saw His Father do. (John 5)
  • He only said what He heard His Father say.(John 12)
  • At Lazarus’ tomb He draws attention to the Father and new life is birthed. (John 11 )
  • At His own tomb, ‘I ascend to my Father and YOUR Father’ (John 20)
  • Jesus knows it is the Father living in Him who is doing the work (John 14 v 10)

He has more than an intimate relationship of God with Him but was in union with the Father. An utter joining of them being One so if you saw one of them you saw the other. It was the dance between them that brought the good news to a reality here. This was why Jesus came to bring many sons to glory. The glory being that we have the same relationship with the Father as Jesus did. Jesus revealed the Father to us. Do we see Him? Or are we chasing for a dollar, a pen, or the toy?

I’m challenged if I continue to seek His hand in provision, and insights and an easy life or am I seeking His face? Of course we get His hand but it’s about where our focus is and our passion. Do we even see past those things to run into the arms of our Heavenly Father and cry Abba? Our Sonship and all the implications of that comes from us participating in our relationship with the Father. He is the direct source of LIFE.

We need a fresh revelation of the Father……


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