About Me


Hi I’m Sarah…


…who spends as much time as I can rob from my day reading and thinking and reading some more. Then I journal and want to discuss it all. Lots. I ask lots of questions. Always with the questions:in fact watching a film with the family is a bit of a non starter as i have a quota of questions allocated for use that usually gets used up in the first 5 minutes.  Get the idea yet? I like to muse and explore and learn and understand. I like to know. Mostly I want to know God: who He is, how He works; what He does in my life and others. I want to grasp how high, wide, deep, long, and strong His Love is. I want to live the Really Real.

I met Alan at bible college and we’ve been on our journey of faith together since, so this blog will be an expression of what God is doing in my life through the Spirit. I want to be closer enough to His heart to hear the whispers!

I’ve been married to Alan for 26 years.


We have 4 beautiful daughters and a fabulous son.


(from left Matthew 20. Megan 24, Rachel 22, Kristen 7, Julia 18).


6 Responses to About Me

  1. lifehelps says:

    Hi, Sarah, how delightful to meet you. Thanks for dropping by hisdeeplove. We are sisters indeed: To be ever closer to Jesus is my greatest desire. Blessings on you.

  2. Hi Sarah, Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post “Sight.” I share your desire to know God’s deep love–and then to tell others of it.

  3. Anthonyinuk says:

    Hello Sarah, I have been reading your posts since you placed a like on one of mine in April. Sorry it has taken so long to say thank you but the reason is rather strange. I find your posts and your message powerful and thought provoking but for me they can be quite difficult to read. I have no problem in reading solid text in a hand-held book but for some reason I need gaps between paragraphs on the screen to avoid getting lost, and perhaps long paras divided into shorter ones. I really like your blog which is why I’ve at last found the courage to write what you might feel is an intrusion. You mayfeel that, because the posts can be long, spacing would make them longer – that’s fine. I shall be reading them anyay as they they are so good. Thank you and bless you, Tony.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful, constructive feedback. Someone else told me they print my posts out as they prefer a book style too and my husband is always telling me to add pictures to break it up!! 🙂 I will experiment with the presentation but appreciate your encouragement on the content.

  4. Rich Neal says:

    I resonate with your affinity for questions, Sarah, and the search that goes with them. It speaks volumes that “quest” is at the heart of any question. A question that doesn’t involve a real quest (an opening of life and heart so something beyond) hardly seems a genuine question. I’m grateful to connect with you in the journey.

  5. schoen55 says:

    Thank you for reading my post as it allowed me to discover yours! Wonderful to meet you! Blessings for the day and always.

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