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Jesus didn’t ask How? He said Where?

‘You did great Sarah : that would have really upset you before!’ But it hadn’t thrown me and I had peace. A Peace because I knew all ‘this’ wasn’t mine to fix but I was watching and finding Jesus in … Continue reading

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Jesus wants to go a little further (2)

As my husband is on a mission trip I get to eat all the things I enjoy and he doesn’t.  Of course I can eat them whilst he’s home but it’s a ‘treat yourself to your favourite’ vibe in his … Continue reading

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A week on from Resurecctuion Sunday and’Doubting Thomas’ needs a new nickname

Nicknames stick don’t they? one incident and BANG the name is spoken and it sticks. superglue style. It might of just arisen from a slipped word or a freak conversation but from that point forward you have a label. As … Continue reading

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