Bitter – sweet

 I’m reminded of this picture I took a year ago.
Sometimes it feels like everything is shaken and our circumstances are battered. It exposes our roots and what we really are and what we believe.
When the Israelites had crossed the Red sea after an amazing deliverance through the parting of the red sea we read in Exodus 15:22-27 that when they had finished singing, they journeyed on. Moses leads the Israelites into the desert and they go for three days without finding water. Three days without water was probably turning into a life-threatening situation. Finally they came to some water and their hopes skyrocketed – only to be dashed by the bitterness of the water. It was undrinkable. The Israelites named the place “Marah”, which means “bitterness.”
When the Israelites came to this bitter water they did what you and I would do: they grumbled against their leader Moses. Moses enquires of God and He shows him a tree which he put’s into the water. The supply becomes sweet and drinkable. Moses then led them to a place called Elim which had twelve springs and seventy palm trees. An abundant supply of water and shade to rest.

This is their external journey but we go through this internally too don’t we. Our circumstances leave us weary and thirsty for more of God, we complain and ask questions and look for Him to refresh us: for Him to change the situation or bring us out of it. We’d all like to just have sweet not bitter lives. So how does a tree help us?

In Revelation 22 John writes about Jesus being the tree of LIFE. Jesus says ‘ I, Jesus. I am the Root, the Bright Morning Star  Come. And let everyone who hears these words say, “Come.”And let those who thirst come. All who desire to drink, let them take and drink freely from the water of life.’ 

Whatever our lives are like we need to keep throwing the Tree of Life into it. Revelation talks about PURE living water for us to drink. It mentions looking at God’s face so there is no darkness, about worshipping Him and that this is a place where peace and joy is where everything is put right and justice flows.

So we are encouraged to expose our roots where we find ourselves.  We are encouraged to show out who Jesus is. If what you are going through seems tough and bitter, ‘Come’  Come to the Tree of Life. Drink deeply of the pure water available, Let Jesus refresh you and led you to an abundant supply of an everlasting and unlimited spring direct from the Source. ‘Come’ Look on His face. Look at who He is not what is happening and find the shade you need to rest IN Him ‘Come.’ Let His light shine in the middle of things as there is no darkness in Him.


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